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We have curated the following volunteering opportunities for you! Find the opportunity that strikes a chord to kick start your volunteering journey today! Volunteering in local communities also provides many benefits for young people and their development. This includes building a sense of community, and developing a range of skills such as team working, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving, all of which are crucial for their success in higher education and the workplace.

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Environment Campaign

Fundraising for Marine Biodiversity & Aquatic Ecosystems This report has been prepared by IUCN, partner of the consortium implementing the project, European Capitals of Biodiversity, which is supported by the European Commission’s Life+ programme. In producing this document, IUCN has relied upon information provided by third parties. Neither the European Commission, DUH, IUCN, or their …


University Grands

University Grands Raise money for a good education cause Heritage University empowers a multicultural and inclusive student body to overcome the social, cultural, economic, and geographic barriers that limit access to higher education. Rooted in the homeland of the Yakama Nation, Heritage embraces transformational student-centered education that cultivates leadership and a commitment to the promotion …


Healthcare Fundraising

Fundraising Built on HopeHealthcare Fundraisers know that building relationships with donors toward meaningful engagements is at the core of success in the field. As we work closely with a donor over time, the fundraising professional and the donor craft as perfect a match as possible between the donors’ goals and organizations’ goals. The final result …


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We believe in a world without age-related diseases where everyone can live a healthier and longer life. So, join to our volunteer team!